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Scan Nas Folders


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Does anyone know how to scan an attached NAS folder?

The NAS folder is mounted automatically in my Windows 7 system, but the scan only scans a few files and then says it is done. There are for a few GB on files on there so...

After the scan, it is not possible to start a new scan: Immunet reports that Immunet 3 is not running. Strange since I can only get this from within the dialog screen of Immunet.Plus3 clicking on Scan Now, i.e. it is running.


As an alternative, I tried scanning cloud space that is mounted into my file system as a disk (W:). No files at all are scanned...

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Hi philipe, what scan settings for Immunet are you presently using? There are some options in Settings that you can enable that will cause Immunet to dig deeper into files & folders during a scan (see image). Open the GUI > click on the Settings tab below Product > scroll down to the Settings catagory and click on that > under File Type enable Scan Archive Files, Scan Packed Files and Deep Scan if you're a Plus user. Of course this will increase scan times. After that see if you get a deeper scan of your Network Attached Storage folder by using a Custom scan. That is a little odd I think that Immunet couldn't scan your W:\ drive though. That may need further investigation. If you did adjust the scan settings try to do another Custom scan of your W:\ drive again and see what happens.


Also, if the NAS folder was "in use" when you started a scan I could see where that could possibly cause a loopback problem as Immunet tries to scan one or more files that are being written to during the scan.


Cheers, Ritchie...


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Hi philipe, what I meant was if any of the files in the NAS folder were not only being written to but also just being read that could cause a problem during a scan. This is because when a file is being used (reading or being written to) it's "essentially locked" during that time so other programs or processes can not access it. The scan progressed as far as the first file being used before you started the scan and could not proceed because of this. Immunet was trying to scan the file(s) that was being constantly written to or read at that time but was unable to.


Is it possible to temporarly deny/disable access by your network to the NAS folder before you start a scan? Or is your network used for time critical or sensitive projects where that would not be an option?


If you continue to have issues you're more than welcome to let the Support folks aware of the situation by submitting a SDT report. Info on submitting a SDT report can be found at this FAQ topic. http://forum.immunet...ic-tool-report/


Regards, Ritchie...

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