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The Immunet service is not running

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hello everyone 

im running windows 10. This morning I logged in and when I went to se the results of a scheduled scan I was an error mesg saying "You Can Not Scan at This Time The Immunet service is not running. Please restart and retry." so i created a dump file using task manager and attached it to this post.

I have created feedback on feedback hub that has more diagnostic information & crash dumps: https://aka.ms/AAgqyll

if you guys know something I can do to fix this or perhaps send a bug report pls let me know thanks

immunet crash.JPG


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This issue is usually caused by a connectivity issue. 

Make sure that Immunet's processes are not being blocked, sandboxed or interfered with by your firewall or other installed security software you may be using.

Immunet's processes that require both in-coming & out-going internet traffic are:

freshclam.exe (if the ClamAV module is enabled)

You may have to create exclusion/exception/allow rules for these processes for Immunet to function normally.

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Hey novirus, hope all is well with you.

If it's not an issue with your firewall or other installed security software blocking Immunet's processes, then sometimes a simple reboot of your OS can correct this if it's just a case of Immunet not launching correctly at startup.

Another option would be to try a clean uninstall & reinstall if the program has become corrupted for some reason. If you want to try this, when the uninstaller asks if you plan to reinstall Immunet again choose the 'NO' option. This deletes any custom personalization to the software. But first double check that the firewall or other installed software isn't the culprit before doing an uninstall would be my recommendation.  

After the reinstall you will have to reconfigure the Settings to the way you had them, re-add any custom Exclusions and Scheduled Scans you might have been using again. 

Those are some things you can look into.
Cheers, Ritchie...

P.S. - I deleted a couple threads to this topic that you made since they were rather unnecessary.


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