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The Immunet service is not running

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hello everyone 

im using windows10. when I logged in this morning then I went to check the status of the last scan and saw the button greyed out when I click it I see the error mesg "You Can Not Scan at This Time The Immunet service is not running. Please restart the service and retry." so I created a dump file with the task manager and I sent it along with more diagnostic info using feedbackHub:https://aka.ms/AAgqyll

I have attached a screenshot 

please let me know if their is a better way I can report this bug?

I also posted before but whenever I try to open the post I get Error code: EX0



i am using Immunet
on windows 10
with McAfee Security Center:
release name: 16.0 R43
Affld: 876
Build: 19.13.171
Language: en-ca
Last update: 2022-03-09
Version: 19.13

McAfee VirusScan 
Build 25.6.168
Engine Version 4776.0
Version 25.6

McAfee Personal Firewall
Build 21.3.194
Version 21.3

McAfee WebAdvisor 
Affld: 876
Language: en-ca
Version: 4.1

McAfee QuickClean Shredder
Build: 20.3.148
Version: 20.3

McAfee Vulnerability Scanner
Build: 10.3.102
Version 10.3

McAfee App Boost (But I dont use App Boost)
Build 18.23.161
version 18.23

immunet crash.JPG

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Cisco doesn't seem to provide any support for Immunet, or have much of a presence on this forum anymore. Support used to be provided by an unpaid, under-valued volunteer, and he used to do a brilliant job, but he hasn't been active on here for a good while. Therefore please use Immunet with caution and, whilst it is still updated occasionally, consider it unsupported. Keep adequate backups and don't rely on Immunet as sole protection.

Now, to your problem:

What happens when you run the following:

wmic service where "name like 'Immunet%'" call stopservice

then wait a few seconds, then run

wmic service where "name like 'Immunet%'" call startservice

then look at Immunet's main GUI?

(If you have the "You can not scan at this time" window open, click "OK" to get rid of it).

If the main scan window now shows the "Scan Now" button working again (not greyed-out), then something caused Immunet to not load or to crash.

If Immunet now works, great.

If Immunet only works until you restart the computer, then something is preventing Immunet from loading at startup (probably your McAfee software). You can either add Immunet as an exclusion into your McAfee antivirus and firewall, or create a batch file that runs the following two commands, and make it run on startup (please note that from within a .bat file, you need to edit the commands slightly to say 'Immunet%%' instead of 'Immunet%' - i.e. add a second "%" in each command).

If none of this works, you may wish to perform a clean reinstall of Immunet. First, completely uninstall Immunet. When prompted to retain settings etc., make sure you don't retain the settings. I can't rememember if the installer phrases it as "do you want to keep Immunet's history and settings?" (in which case, click "no"), or if the installer phrases it as "do you want to also delete Immunet's history and settings?" (in which case, click "yes"). After Immunet has uninstalled, reboot the computer. Then reinstall Immunet. If it still doesn't work, then you might wish to just stick with McAfee and try ClamWin as a second-opinion (on-demand only) virus scanner.

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