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Hi Chaypie3, here is a copy of a FAQ topic you may find useful to your question. Cheers, Ritchie...



Immunet Plus Licenses & Licensing Issues





Once a purchase of Immunet 3.0 is made a license key will be made available to you. Typically this will come over email or will be offered to you in your online store experience while purchasing Immunet Plus. Your initial download of the product from the point of purchase will be a fully licensed copy of your product. However you may also enter in your license key at any time into the Settings panel of the product to perform an upgrade of the product. ug14.jpg License During Install





If you already have Immunet installed and running, you can put your license in through Settings or by clicking on any of the orange Plus logos. To go through Settings, click on the Settings link in the main dialog and scroll down to "Product License". Click on the Product License heading and it will expand (Note: you may have to scroll down some more) and below that you will see the "Change Your License Key" link. ug15.jpg Change Your License Key





Next you should get to the License Key entry box. You can go to your email and hold down the 'Ctrl' key and then the 'C' to copy your license key from there. Then on the first field of the license entry box and paste in your license by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and then the 'V'. This will allow the "Activate" button to be enabled and you click Activate to continue. ug16.jpg License Key Entry




Licenses are purchased for one or more computers. Each license is tied to one installation. This means that if you remove and reinstall the license it will not work. Please mail support@immunet.com to resolve this issue.


If your license is not authenticating when you enter it into the box in the License section of the Settings Pane please ensure that you are not copying extra character spaces. If you are typing it in manually please ensure you are typing the correct characters in. Lastly, network congestion may at times cause licensing authentication failures, this can often be solved by entering the license multiple times.


If any issues are persistent please contact support@immunet.com

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Thanks for posting the FAQ Ritchie!



Hello Chaypie3, I just wanted to call this part of the FAQ out:


Your initial download of the product from the point of purchase will be a fully licensed copy of your product


If you used the link you were emailed to download the other two copies, the license will already be entered.


If you want to double check that the license is there, open Immunet, go to settings, scroll down to Product License and verify that the key is present. If it isn't you can enter it here.



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