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Hello Fred, could you please explain why you feel the need to do a unistall/reinstall of Immunet? It's obvious you're having some kind of problem! Perhaps this is something Support may want to take a look at before you do an uninstall. If it's something fixable maybe an uninstall/reinstall isn't even necessary. For instance, rarely, sfc.exe won't launch correctly at startup and sections of the GUI may be greyed out. Usually a simple restart will correct this.


If you've already uninstalled Immunet I'd hate to see you go without protection so you can click on this link to download the bootstrapper installer. http://download.immu...mmunetSetup.exe This bootstrapper installer requires an active internet connection. Once downloaded and saved to the location you specify just click on the installer. If you get any alerts from your firewall or other security software make sure you allow the internet connections the installer requires. It's best if you choose the English language version when installing, if at all possible, so you get the newest version as translations for newer builds have fallen behind a bit. If you have any additional questions or problems feel free to add another thread to this topic and please let us know what the problem is in the first place.


Regards, Ritchie...

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