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Hi hartake2001, a little more info might be helpful. What is your Operating System? Did you aquire the infection while Immunet was installed? If so what version of Immunet are you using? You can mouse over "About" in the lower right hand corner of the GUI to find out. Also, are you using the Plus of Free version? If you got a failed quarantine response from Immunet what is the exact detection name of the malware? Sometimes Immunet has a dificult time quarantining malware if you installed on an already infected machine.


If Immunet can't get rid of the infection might I suggest you use Malwarebytes 2.0. https://www.malwarebytes.org/free/ Download and install MB. If the virus is preventing you from installing MB you may have to enter Safe Mode with Networking (press & hold F8 while booting up) to download, install and update the program. After updating the detection signatures reboot and enter Safe Mode without Networking and run a Custom Scan of all your drives and partitions with Malwarebytes. Check the box for root-kit scanning as well.

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Hello, hartake2001. It may be beneficial to have a bit additional information. What operating system do you use? Is it possible that you contracted the infection when Immunet was installed? If yes, which Immune version are you using? You may find out by hovering your cursor over "About" in the lower right hand corner of the GUI. Also, do you have the Plus of Free version installed? What is the precise detection name of the malware if Immune returned a failed quarantine response? If you install Immunes on a system that is already infected, it might be difficult to quarantine malware.

If Immune fails to remove the virus, I recommend Malwarebytes 2.0. MB should be downloaded and installed. If the virus prevents you from installing MB, you may need to start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking (press and hold F8 while it boots up) to download, install, and update the software. After upgrading the detection signatures, restart your computer in Safe Mode without Networking and conduct a Malwarebytes Custom Scan on all of your discs and partitions. Also, check the option for root-kit scanning.

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