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Customer Support Experience - Case # 17012

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Hi all,


I was one of the early Immunet users and later a beta tester. I then drifted away for no particular reason. I liked what I saw in the news release regarding the latest revisions / update to Immunet 3 and Windows 8.1 compatibility so I gave it another spin. In testing, I was impressed with the speed, minimal impact on system resources and how they rewrote agent.exe (or whatever it was) that turned into Sourcefire Connector.(sfc.exe?) Seems to scale extremely well...


I was impressed enough that I bought a new 3 computer 2 year license in January 2014. After several installs / removals while I played around with other AV software on my main laptop and after having hardware issues with a work station, I noticed yesterday that I must of burned through whatever activations are allowed with this license as I was unable to activate Plus on a second PC.


Today I decided to see if I could get this resolved by clicking the support link through the Immunet website. Exactly ten (10) minutes after my support request I had an email message from "Reg" indicating my activation limit was reset, please try your key again. Many thanks for the great customer service. I've got no complaints at all with the latest revisions. Based upon this support experience I'm going to grab another license later in the week to cover the rest of your family computers.


Thanks for your fine work. BTW, I think it would be very beneficial if you all would start updating the various pages of your website, including the blog posts. Much of the info is so old that it makes it appear the software is no longer under active development, which obviously is not the case here.

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It's always nice to hear when we get something right :D


I'll pass on your complements to Reg.






PS: I hear you on the websites, it has been an issue for us, but it's not as easy to correct as it might appear from the outside. We are trying to iron something out

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Another one who mixes up the idea of activations and reloads:-)


I too was concerned last year about the apparent 'inactivity' possibly indicating a tailing off of 'development'. As a precaution I purchased only a single year's worth license (up to 3 machines). However, in less than 40 days, THIS time around I expect to be re-purchasing a full 2 years' worth (up to 3 machines).


Immunet Plus v3 has done a FINE JOB hereabouts except for this recurring license/validation issue against which I have filed a Feature Request in the Ideas forum.

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