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Delete All Files From Quarantine.

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Hi assur and welcome to the Immunet forum. Unfortunately there is no way to delete multiple files in Quarantine at once that I'm aware of. It has to be done one at a time. Here's how:


First of all before deleting any files make sure that the files in question are genuine malware and not False Positives! You wouldn't want to delete any legitimate files. If you're not sure Virustotal.com is a great site to check the files yourself or you could post them here and we could take a look at them for you.


After checking the files and you still want to delete them open the GUI by double clicking on the Immunet System Tray icon > click on the word "Quarantine" located below and to the right of the History tab (see image) > this will launch a small window with all the files Immunet has quarantined > click on a file and then you have the option to Delete or Restore the file. Files should only be restored from Quarantine if you're "absolutely sure" they are actually False Positives. If the files are malware it doesn't hurt anything to just leave them in Quarantine. These files are disabled and can not run but that's up to you.


If you need any further assistance or have any additional questions feel free to add another thread to this topic.


Regards, Ritchie...



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