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Happy Birthday Immunet


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On August 19th of 2009 Immunet Protect was unveiled to our Community with version 1.0.10. Our product was the first cloud-based free Companion Anti-Virus product on the market. It seems like only yesterday that we published the software, but twelve months have flown by and now we’ve come upon our first birthday. It's been a tremendous year for us and our whole team would like to thank you and the rest of our Community for the success we've experienced since August 19 of 2009.



Our year has been thick with achievement and our entire user Community has driven nearly all of it. As a small contender in the Anti-Virus world we rely on word of mouth to build our global footprint and this comes from directly from you, our end user. It's difficult to overstate this; we started as and remain a Community driven project. To illustrate our successes this year, I'll break down 3 quick areas where you helped us excel:


1. Strength in numbers


In our first week of deployment we saw a little over 1000 users join our Cloud. Our first 6 months saw us hit 75,000 new users into our Cloud. The last 6 months have seen us gain an additional 385,000 new users! As I write this we are at slightly over 460,000 users in our Cloud, all working together to stop threats from impacting one another's systems. If our growth rates continue on our current trajectory we have a good chance of seeing 1,000,000 users in the not too distant future.


We are also now protecting users in 192 countries around the globe. We service users in nations as large as the United States and as small as the Vatican City. We are showing up everywhere and all of this is driven by you and other users like you in our Community.


2. Coverage


When we released in 2009 we covered a little over 3,000,000 million threats. Today we protect against 14,474,614 specific threats and many more variants of those same threats. On average we actually stop cold over 17,000 attempted infections in our Community daily.


3. Software & Community


We initially released Immunet Protect 1.0.10 with a simple user interface, a single engine and a series of configuration options. It was a clean, basic Anti-Virus product, and we were very proud of what we had produced.

With heavy Community involvement serving as a guide for additions and changes we've since shipped 16 more releases on the 1.0 code base. We then shipped a brand new product with version 2.0 and are now at version 2.0.15. In total we have shipped 2 major releases and 30 minor releases in the last 12 months. Our product now has 4 engines and a Community focused new User Interface complete with a new commercial stand alone Anti-Virus offering (Immunet Protect Plus) which offers Offline support and advanced complex threat removal. We have produced all of these features while *still* shipping our Free product under 7.5 megabytes in size.


As our first birthday passes us we are already looking ahead to our roadmap over the next year and the next 1,000,000 users. You will see new languages supported in our product, leaps in detection abilities and completely unique protection features in the product in the next 12 months. Without giving too much away I think you’ll be pleased with the changes we have planned.


Finally, if you're one of our users from the Community Forum I would like to extend a special thanks to you. Your help during our day-to-day operations of the company is critical - you make us possible. If you are not actively having a say on our future, please feel free to join us at our Forum and let us know where you think we need to be headed. Thanks so much for your help so far, we depend on it, please keep up the good work!



Best Regards,

Al Huger


VP of Engineering & Co-Founder

Immunet Corp.

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