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"gaming Mode" Doesn't Stay Enabled?

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I'm running the latest version of Immunet, installed Friday, May 2nd. I'm running Windows 8.1, Update 1, with all the available updates installed. When I enable the "Gaming Mode" option either via the Settings or by right-clicking on the tray icon, the setting only persists until the system is rebooted. After that "Gaming Mode" is disabled and I have to re-enable it on every reboot. Is this intended behavior?




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Hi Adam, the Gaming Mode is the ability to shut off all notifications from Immunet Protect while watching movies or playing games.


As a built in security feature of Immunet this setting is designed by default to automatically revert back to the "Off" position upon reboot. This assures that a user doesn't forget that Gaming Mode is enabled and perhaps not see an important malware or suspicious file related pop-up by Immunet the next time the machine is being used. Unless you're actually watching movies or playing games with your PC and don't want any pop-ups from Immunet it's definetly best if this feature normally remains in the Off position.


If you think about it though, it only takes a few seconds with the sys tray icon right-click context menu option to enable this feature once again! You don't even have to launch the GUI to access this feature.


Cheers, Ritchie...

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