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How to resolve [Tor2Mine CoinMiner Mutex]. Remediation was unsuccessful


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Hello LarryK

If Immunet has let this slip past, or it was already there but Immunet can't remove this, you might have some luck with MalwareBytes. You can safely run both MalwareBytes cleanup tools (AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes Antimalware). They both target different things. One or two runs with these should sort your system.

You could also search the F-Secure web site for their online scanner. It only takes a couple of minutes and removes resident malware and malware that runs on startup.

You could also search the Comodo website for their "Cleaning Essentials" tool. This takes a little longer and might give you the occasional false-positive.

Then try Emsisoft Emergency Kit. If there's anything at all left over, this will almost-certainly kill it. It's a pretty fast scanner, only a tiny bit slower than the F-Secure online scanner, but very, very thorough.

Finally, do an offline scan with Windows Defender, then a full scan with Windows Defender.

Once all these tools report nothing found in any scans, your system is probably clean.

From forum posts and my own experience, Immunet seems to be full of bugs, not very effective, and now seems to be largely unsupported. You may wish to switch your primary AV protection away from Immunet until Cisco decide whether to put Immunet out of its misery (kill it), or actually devote some resources to maintaining it properly. In its current state, it gives users a false sense of security, which is worse than having no security at all. Viable alternatives would include (but are not limited to): Sophos Home, Windows Defender, Malwarebytes Premium, and F-Secure Antivirus. For a second opinion ("on demand" scan only, not on-access), you could also use ClamWin.

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