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About Immunet Some Problems

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About immunet some problems, I think for a long time, hope u guys discussed.

1.immunet sometimes occurs not connect immunet database (the cloud),can change the UI used in offline mode.

2.can change using engine ETHOS heuristics techniques to detect unknown virus in offline mode(there engine ETHOS is a heuristics based engine, and anything found to be malicious by ETHOS is added to the cloud so that the other products can detect it).

3.Increase in multiple languages,There are countless volunteers worldwide, only immunet team willing, can be translated into local languages.

4.can change the off monitor program install, open monitor program start, immunet can be detected as malware, do not occur open monitor program install can be detected as malware, off monitor program install( monitor program start is open) can't be detected as malware.

5.immunet analysis capabilities, response time, to detect unknown threats capabilities a lot of room for improvement, at least let me have a look W32.SPERO or W32.ETHOS, amazon ec2 network disconnection pretty big plus in each country network situation is different, so immunet must think carefully about amazon ec2 network disconnection problems,

6.Can develop Behaviour Blocker, let Behaviour Blocker and heuristics techniques together to defend.

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