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Spyware And Malware


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I just got immunet for both my home computer and my laptop but on my laptop it is saying that windows has detected that I don't have antispyware and malware on my laptop so my question is doesn't immunet cover that?or do I have to get some other kind of protection from someone else?could someone help me out with this please thanks!!!!!

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windows defender is closed or open

If windows defender is open and appears that windows has detected that antispyware and malware.

Make sure immunet appear connect to the immunet cloud notification icon

If you do not appear connect to the immunet cloud

1 Please re-open immunet Service

2 Open

80 - TCP (HTTP)

443 - TCP (HTTPS)

32137 - TCP

If not possible, please to reinstall or send a letter to immunet support.

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Hey Bamachic,


Windows does not classify Immunet as Anti-Spyware but just Virus Protection. Can you open the Action Center? Open the start menu or press the Windows key -> Type "Action Center" and open the first item that comes up. The icon image will be a blue flag. The window that opens will have some tabs including Security and Maintenance. Expand the Security tab and look for "Virus Protection". It should say "Immunet 3 reports that it is up to date and virus scanning is on" and a couple tabs down is "Spyware and unwanted software protection". I believe that tab is where the message is coming from.


It should give you the option to turn on Windows Defender and the message will go away. There should not be any issues running both Windows Defender and Immunet together but if for whatever reason Windows won't let you turn it on just disable the message and you shouldn't get any more complaints.


Let me know how it goes,



- Reg

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Hi Bamachic, especially if you use the ClamAV module you would want to add a complete Program Files folder Exclusion to Immunet for Windows Defender or a False Positive can occur when Defender updates the detection signatures. Not a bad idea to add an exception for Immunet's Program Files folder for Defender as well. That way they should see each other as legit programs and play nice



Cheers, Ritchie...

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