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Probably A False Positive On Ccleaner

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Immunet detected CCleaner druing downloading and installing,the detected file which name System.dll, seems a false positive, please check it, thanks.

The zip password: a


Also it seems strange that Immunet cannot detect a file which in exe package, Immunet will detect the file only when I execute or extract it from the installation exe package, I think this is not a good thing. please improve it.


And also Immunet have a bit too much false positive than other vendors, please improve it, too.


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Most AVs will detect malware when a file is actually executed or opened/copied.

Seems quite normal to me.


As for false positives, make sure the ClamAV engine is disabled in Immunet.

That's the biggest source of FPs.


The cloud engine alone is much better.

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That is strange! I've never encountered a FP while updating CCleaner before and I've used CCleaner for years. Although I can't confirm the FP while updating to the newest version myself as I'm in a physical rehab facility using a borrowed IPad at the moment or I would see if I received the same response. Can't wait to get back to my own computer!

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