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Install Fails ? Xp Sp3 Supported ?

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Hello all


Tried to install today immunet 3.0 on an old notebook running XP SP3.

After downloading the immunetsetup.exe, and lauching it, it scans a policy xml file, and is supposed to start downloading


Yet, ends up with an error during download stage and gives back following information :


Found policy :


Download Failed - Attempting manual install



No installation is made, and no way to manual install


Any ideas ?

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Hello tdldp,


Please attempt to install once more to confirm the issue. If you run into another error, please take a screenshot (here's how -> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows-xp/help/setup/take-a-screen-shot). Afterwards, please obtain the install log for Immunet and send it together with the screenshot(s) to me.


To obtain the install log from the Windows Desktop 1) Click on Start 2) Select 'Run…' 3) Type in %temp% and press enter 4) Look for the file name immpro_install

Then send it to support@immunet.com.


Let me know if you have any questions.


- Lorne

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