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Just downloaded and sites seem much slower to open and my sound adjustment won't work while I'm on a site. Does this mean Immuninet is not compatible with my 8.1 64 bit?

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Hi Barbee,


Immunet should work for you in a Windows 8.1 64 bit machine.


Before we start trying to fix Immunet, can you please confirm that Immunet is the guilty party?


To do so, we would have to temporarily disable Immunet:

-Open a Command Prompt with Admin rights (some instructions on how to potentially do this, here)

-Type in net stop immunetprotect

(You should receive back a message stating that the service was stopped).]

Keep the prompt open.

-Attempt to reproduce the original issue.


If the issue still happens, it looks more like a non-Immunet issue, and there's not much I can do for you in that case.


- Start Immunet once more by typing in net start immunetprotect in the prompt.

-Double check whether the problem exists or not.


In case that Immunet seems to be the guilty party (the problem disappears with Immunet Off, and reappears when it is on) then please contact me at support@immunet.com (use: 'For Jose' at the end of the Subject line for the email) and we'll take it from there.



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It happened twice but since my second reboot it hasn't happened and things seem smooth. I don't know what caused it... maybe something else? I'll keep my eye on it and it happens again, I will follow your instructions.

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