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Immunet And My Small Bussines


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I have little food shop. I have licensed Windows and in my country that license fee is expensive, so I use so much free programs for commercial usage because our law is strictly about legalisation.I read somewhere that free version of Immunet can be used in commercial usage.I have still on CD one Beta version of older Calm AV for Windows powered by Immunet, so that AV was cloud, easy, fast and realtime. Under beta agreement I used it 150 days on my home computer. Yes I know that's outdated and no clever to use today, but I need just very basic protection on that shop's PC and free for commercial usage. Do Sourcefire have something that use because it allowe newest Immunet 3 FREE for commercial usage. Of course we can make deal, and you can send to me on email modified license agreement for it, to have written agreement for my law inspection.



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Hello Groceri,


Our free version of Immunet should not have any licensing concerns that you may be worried about, which you can find in the following link: http://www.immunet.com/eula/index.html


I would like to know more about why the free version is not working with your computer. If you have not yet, please install the enlgish verison of Immunet, as we have out of date versions supporting other languages. If that is not the case, can you please descibe the error/problem or send a screenshot?




- Lorne

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