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A Fix For Locked Files Created By Cryptolocker


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Hi all! I read an interesting article first published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune by Steve Alexander. By now most folks have heard of the CryptoLocker ransomware. The type of malicious software that encrypts PC files and then demands hundreds of dollars for a key to unlock your own files by some unknown hacker!


The problem is almost all security solutions can't prevent or is unable to deal with this type of infection. So your stuck with either paying the ransom or loosing all encrypted files until now!


The California based security firm Fire Eye Inc. and European security firm Fox-IT has begun offering free software that helps victims of CryptoLocker. This info was gleaned when the Feds raided several internet sever sites distributing the CryptoLocker software back in June.


The Register, a technology publication, reported that since late 2013 CryptoLocker has affected well over 545,000 computers worldwide and cost consumers about 27 million dollars in ransom!


To use the file-unlocking method, a person uploads a file encrypted by hackers along with a valid email address to the security firms' website. The person is then emailed a software key and a link to a downloadable recovery program. Using the key and recovery program together unlocks all of the PC files that have been maliciously encrypted by the hacker! More info about this DIY fix can be found at this URL: tinyurl.com/ml69lvs


Cheers, Ritchie...

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