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Yours Security Setup.


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I would like to know what people are using of programs and options to make their pc secure.

This would could help us to define what we need to do with the free version later on ;)


I use:


Windows 7 64-bit.



Immunet Protect Plus 2.0

Winpatrol Plus

PE guard

Norton DNS

Windows firewall


On demand:

Hitman Pro

Black viper safe registry

Process hacker

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See my signature.


And when I think of it, I run Hitman Pro and Emsisoft Emergency Kit.


I'd like to run Win7 but I doubt I can stuff it into my 1 GHz P3 laptop. :D


The expense and labor to load Win7 on my almost three-year-old E8400/G35 Asus desktop can't be justified. Besides whatever can be done to harden XP's core has been done (disable unneeded services and networking, etc.).



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See my sig.


In DynDNS I have my router setup to receive auto IP updates. Within DynDNS controll panel I have selected the Block Viruses, Fraudulent Activity and Phishing (Low) Defense strategy. Within blocked categories I have selected anything that hosts the conficker worm, gambling, phishing, spam, and spyware.


Within Firefox I have Ad Block Plus with the Malware Domain list and Easylist both up to date as possible.


Not listed in my sig is TinyWatcher, which is a file integrity scanner. Any changes in the Windows folder or programs that are ran for the first time will pop up alerting me of changes, updates, etc.


As always the most fool proof security tool a full system backup in an offsite location on a 1.5TB Barracuda HD.

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Guest orlando

1--In my pc


Windows 7


--------> Security


-Windows Defender


-Windows firewall


-Immunet Protect free 2




-A lot of prudence




2--In my tester pc there are too many things to say

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I should also mention that I have some services disabled for security reasons such as: messenger, net meeting remote desktop sharing, network dde, network dde dsdm, nt lm security support provider, remote access auto connection manager, remote access connection manager, remote desktop session manager, remote registry, secondary logon, server. I also use a couple of security add-ons for Firefox which are: BetterPrivacy 1.48.3 (deletes flash cookies or "super cookies"), KeyScrambler (encrypts keystrokes), NoScript (malicious script and java blocker).

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Depends a bit on which computer but mentioned stuff is always considered and can be combined in various ways :)


Immunet Protect Plus - or free version

Avast 5 Free - if someone or myself insist on a "security package" then also paid Avast!

Prevx 3.0 - or free version


DynDns Internet Filtering Guide - unless internet get screwed up almost dumb not to use it.


RoboForm Pro - or other, perhaps free, help in securing passwords, Keepass, fsekrit, browser extensions, whatever works and easy to use.


Filehippo Updater

Sumo Updater (a little bit of hmm-ware unless "lite" version is used - but best updater for all programs)


Winpatrol Plus - or free version (not 100% happy with it but what else is there?)


Windows 7/Vista Firewall Control - only free version.



Should disaster strike I mainly think of:


Dr. Web CureIt!


Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Various free offerings from Kaspersky, AVZ Toolkit, Antivirus Removal, TDSSKiller if not their online systemanalyzer Getsysteminfo.

ESETs "online" scanner

Many more things like Sysinternals stuff :) latest promising gadget is System Nucleus http://www.spencerberus.com/projects.aspx



Backup as part of "secure pc"? Good idea.


CrashPlan - for online backup. Big ass program but I think best choice right now. Most value, options (also coming ones) according to my evaluation...

Windows own backup program

SyncBackSE for more advanced backups. Some functions possible with free programs as well but SyncBackSE is definition of solid which is nice.





Preferably latest version in 64bit but UAC, std. user, srp, applocker and what not is out of the question. Sad but true ;)

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I use the following:




Avast Internet Security

Malwarebytes Pro

Immunet Pro

WinPatrol Plus


Windows Defender




Hitman Pro





KeyScrambler Premium

Spyware Blaster

OpenDNS/Google DNS




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Main system, desktop Win7 32bit, admin account, standard UAC settings:


Kaspersky IS 2011

MalwareBytes' currently as on-demand (I have license)

WinPatrol Plus

ClamWin portable as on-demand scanner


Firefox with Dr. Web anti-virus link checker, SiteAdvisor/WOT currently on hold, Perspectives, RefControl


Secondary machine, laptop, Win7 32bit, admin account, standard UAC settings:

Sunbelt Vipre

Immunet Protect Plus

Windows firewall

AVG LinkScanner


Tertiary machine, WinXP SP3 32bit (so far), admin account:

F-Secure Client Security 9




Assorted other tools used across machines: Process Explorer, Autoruns, Packed Driver Detector, AVZ Anti-viral toolkit, Emsisoft emergency kit, Dr. Web CureIt, Eset System Inspector, SuperAntiSpyware.


I, as a more technically oriented person, place greater emphasis on getting detailed information about my system. While AV etc. automated tools are nice, I would like the ability to access information regarding autorunning programs etc. These are my machines, I am in charge. For example Windows Defender and Vipre have nice selection of built-in additional tools.

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Why the switch? Just curious to see the new offering?




Yes. Also, since I am the one who provides IT support for people around me I like to find out about new software and services which are easy to use :) That way I can recommend them to people and reduce my own workload :D

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I probably should clarify my previous post a little. Personally, I am interested in fail-safing my DNS, also other considerations such as speed are there (malware protection is lesser concern in this technical area). In this area I do not fully trust Google DNS, they already know too much.


When it comes to others (family, friends of family, my friends), my main concern is to keep their systems clean and functional. So, for example OpenDNS content filtering is not my cup of tea. For likely ideological reasons I am not keen on filtering content (I believe in parental supervision of PC use and educating the kids).



So for me ClearCloud is looking like a nice option to recommend. Adding to malware protection. Easy to switch off in case it accidentally blocks safe sites. And there's the tinkering aspect :) Keeps me occupied when learning to use something new. It broadens my horizons :)

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Guest orlando

Reading some of these setups I am always amazed at how many tools are out there. Has anyone here used Twister? Any opinions? I also came across Zoner today (www.zoner.com) which looked interesting.




I tested several times, I consider a product basis, not excellent, just excellent removal of malware. Buno, my rating 6.5 / 10. About Zoner, some wot users report the site as disseminating spam.




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Windows 7 64-bit.



Comodo CIS 4


On demand:

Malwarebytes MBAM

SAS Superantispyware

Windows Defender



Glary Utilities

PCTools Privacy Guardian

Comodo System Cleaner


I use ClamAV for Windows 2.0 on my desktop (XP) along with Avast! 5 and the same on demand scanners and utilities that I use on my laptop (save WD).

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