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Symantec Av Seeing Immunet\tmp\ As Trojan.gen.2

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Figured this looked like the best place to place this.


Tonight Symantec saw everything in the C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\temp\clamtmp\ and C:\Program Files\Immunet\tmp as a Trojan.Gen.2 .


I know, I know - don't run multiple AV products, have them exclude scanning each other.


Up until this point it wasn't an issue.


Most of the files are imm-flt-6 numbers as well as what looks like 3 initial tmp files (00000344.tmp , clamav-0cbae3b5c0443764753ea220391a0706.tmp, and clamav-6d7cf8541a4be4e1cc3003b2d7319b58.tmp)


I'm hoping that this is a false positive that symantec just puked on the immunet files tonight for the first time.


Did anyone else see this?

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Hello lampcheck,


I was not able to reproduce similar temp files. Could you tell me your Immunet scan settings?


Most likely they are false positives. We do not currently recognize Symantec as a compatible security product, however, you seem to already know the importance of exclusions.




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