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Scan Now & Settings Are Both Grayed

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Hi,sorry to bother you,but I've got this error after my pc self resetted itself... -(

So atm both the scan now and settings buttons are greyed ,if i try to do the cmd (admin right) and go for net stop immunetprotect ,wait a bit and then do the net start immunetprotect it enable the service but the buttons are still grayed.. the agent.exe service is not on in the process list.. before the self reset all it was working like a charm... I have comodo firewall and both sfc.exe and iptray.exe got full rights.

If i try to uninstall Immunet i can't because the service can't be stopped... if i try to start the service from the service panel l get error 1067.

Plus i cannot delete any log files cuz i need admin right.. but I'm admin ...

Atm idk what to do.


I have opened the sfc.log last line say unable to perform network cloud lookup for hash:

Os: Is windows 8.1 x64 pro

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Hello Otello,


Re-installing should fix the greyed out areas within the interface. I was not able to recreate the uninstall error you are seeing.

If you navigate to desktop -> go to the bottom right corner with your mouse pointer to access settings -> open control panel -> uninstall a program -> click Immunet -> Uninstall/change

This should allow you to fully uninstall.


There will be an option when uninstalling to click "No" to fully uninstall Immunet which will get rid of the log files you cannot delete. If you have tried uninstalling through control panel (above) and still receive an error could you please send me the sfc.log to support@immunet.com so I could take a closer look?




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