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Unable To Install (In Italian Language, Win8.1)


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I've just downloaded Immunet Free and trying to install it in Italian language on a Windows 8.1 machine. It says it cannot download the file and to try with the offline installation (how?).

Anyway, trying the English installation, everything worked and installed. But, obviously I cannot change the language to Italian (or, at least, I've not found the option).


Any hint?


(Anyway I've installed it in English on my PC and it works, but I have to install it in Italian or Japanese on my wife's PC: she doesn't know English!)



Thank you,



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Thank you. If so... uhm... then why adding the Italian language (or other) in the menu? :D


Just another stupid question. If I properly understood, there is no more the Immunet Plus version. Am I right? If so, why adding the "Click here to buy" button? :) (At least, clicking on the button, I see a "product no more available" page).

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