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Usb Protection

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Some security vendors offer a functionality where you have the option to disable the autorun feature for external drive(s) connected through the USB ports. A lot of malware is inadvertently transferred in this manner. One prime example is the conficker worm which primarily used an infected flash drive to ingratiate itself on the next PC it's plugged into. With the autorun feature disabled you can run a context menu or custom scan to check for malware before any files are opened thus detecting and eliminating the threat before it has a chance at infection. There is stand alone software that does just that (I use Panda's USB Vaccine 1.0.1) but why not consider incorporating such an option into the GUI settings feature for users that don't have that function with their primary AV. You could go something like this, give the free users the disable autorun feature and offer an option where you can install a disable autorun.inf file on the external drive itself for the pro users. So the function would still work on a different PC.

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Guest orlando

Then it is better a "vulnerability scan" and implemented this a "USB vaccine".


In my opinion a "vulnerability scan" (even if the work is very long and must be constant) would help protect the system and the increase in people using Immunet.




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