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Sourcefire Connector Uses 50-90% Of Cpu

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I heard about the program from one of CISCO showcases I attended so decided I give it a try.

I began the rootkit scan, found a few threats.  quarantined them. Looks good.  

Then I did a full scan and thought it might take a long time so I started watching Netflix and let in run in the background.   

Then I noticed the video playback keep shuttering on and off.  At first I thought my connection were bad so I checked.  Nothing.

I got off Netflix to look and found that my CPU utilization is around 95-99%.  And Sourcefire Connector was at the top running around 80%.

It might go 40-50% for a while.  Then jump to 80-90% again.  I skimmed through the forum and saw that Windows 8.1 is kinda not supported at the moment and I understand that.  Just want to give you guys some info and maybe speed things up a bit :P



Here my setup:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 620 2.6Ghz (stock)

RAM: 2x Kingston 4GB RAM (1600)

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7700 (again, stock)


OS: Windows 8.1 PRO (I think it's the latest version.  Since I set it on automatic update)

Immunet: Immunet 3 v.

Other AV: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Premium) with Database Version v2015.02.14.02


I've sent the SDT report to your support email :D



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Hey dirofblue,


Thanks for the report. We also do not officially support Malwarebytes, so there could be an issue using both anti-virus while streaming media content. You can always look in the Summary -> Detailed History to see what files are being scanned when high cpu is happening. That could indicate where you may need to add an exclusion.


Anyways, I will email you when I have more information.




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