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Scan Complete Notice


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I would like Immunet to produce a "clear text" notice when a scan has completed.


Desired because I run Immunet using an unattended overnight batch and I cannot find any log file to easily extract this information from.


I suggest a simple text file (ImmunetResult.txt) with the following information:

- Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

- Type of scan (Flash, Custom, Full)

- Scan time (hr:mm)

- Number of items quarantined (nn)


This could be an option in the Settings - Notification Settings section.


The file should only be generated AFTER a scan completes so its presence would also indicate that the scan has completed and a batch could proceed since the START "" /WAIT command does not work with Immunet.


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Hey ebloch,


Thanks for the post. The information you are looking for is very accessible through the user interface. Even if it runs unattended you can simply click the "History" tab and up top in the drop down menus you can select "Scan History" as one of the options.


Scan History displays the type of scans that took place, the date and time they took place, and the amount of objects scanned and how many were detected as being malicious. The elapsed can only be seen in the Scan completion window after the scan. This would be something we could add to the history in the case where your auto-run will close the windows afterwards.




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FYI: I am using Win 7 Sp-1 64 bit with Immunet


The reason I wanted a text file was so I could easily add the results to my batch log AND use the file as a signal to my batch that the scan completed and the batch could proceed to the following steps.


I currently look at the GUI and find that it reports, under "Last Scaned", Never even though history and summary show results.


The GUI closes automatically after a scan and I do NOT know how to keep it open. My command is:

        START "" "C:\Program Files\Immunet\3.1.13\iptray.exe"

and the scan is then run by previously started PTFBpro < http://www.ptfbpro.com/>, a "button pusher".


I have searched in vain for command line instructions to run Immunet directly.


I have looked at "C:\Program Files\Immunet\3.1.13\sfc.exe.log" and cannot find the info I want. One problem is extracting information since the log only has the month and day (Feb 25) without the year AND appears to only show Errors. The info I want is probably in "C:\Program Files\Immunet\history.db" but I am not familier with using batch commands to extract the data I want.



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You may need to upgrade to version You can download from http://www.immunet.com/free/index.html. Re-installing is pretty quick and painless, and you can keep old files.


Unless the button is pushed, the UI should not be closing after a scan. Let me know if upgrading fixes these issues (including never scanned). If you wanted to be fancy you could use sqlite to pipe out the data you want from the history.db into a text file. However, this is not a conventional solution.


Regardless, we will take your comments into consideration as we work on future updates.





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Before I started this topic I used the Immunet GUI but it reported that my was up to date.


The download from Immunet is but when I try to install it the report is that the version is already installed.


To install it I would have to uninstall first. It appears Immunet install does not look beyond 3.1.13.


I had looked at the db using sqlite but do not know how to find the data or extract it. I will "play" with sqlite but it would speed things up if someone at Immunet would make suggestions.

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