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not even sure if this is the right place to go with this problem.

every four or five clicks within a web page, I get "REDIRECTED" to some antivirus web site, some of them I can't get out of without restarting the computer. 


Can anyone help me out with this irritating phenom? 


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This forum is meant for Immunet users, maybe you should install it and run a full scan, it might pick up the adware for you. Here is a download link http://download.immunet.com/push/immunet/ImmunetSetup.exe.


Otherwise you can try other tools online such as Malwarebytes or any other free anti-virus products like Avast.


Furthermore, what anti-virus products are you using currently? Have you already attempted to clean your computer? Let me know if you can't seem to fix this issue.


Edit: Make sure you are using Windows XP or Windows 7 for Immunet to work properly. It does work occasionally with Windows 8, but not reliably.

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