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Is Immunet Enough?


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I have always ran Immunet security by itself, when I have used it. It has probably been the best pc security I've used so far. But, I'd like to know if anyone has had the same results with Immunet as stand-alone. Or do you use it alongside another antivirus like Avast? 

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Hey jc1,


Although these reviews are out dated, there was a list of multiple reviews here: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/492-immunet-reviews/?hl=%2Bcompanion+%2Bproduct&do=findComment&comment=2839


These were from 2010, when cloud based anti-virus protection was still growing, however, a lot of what is said can still apply today like being up to date with the latest malware definitions. Sadly, I cannot compare Immunet with other cloud based AV products that have emerged since then, but this should give you a good impression of what other people think about Immunet.



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I guess Immunet's cloud is shrinking everyday, since the program is more or less abandoned now.

I suggest you look at other products with cloud support.

Avira (a free version is also available) has a very good product, and the free version uses the cloud as well. (in prvious versions you had to buy the Pro license to get cloud support)

I have no doubt their cloud is much bigger than Immunet's.

Panda free is also a good cloud-based AV.


Hope this helps.

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