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Immunet 3 Free - Proxy Not Detected

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we have a problem with Immunet 3 (free version), it does not detect our proxy (set in internet options) and as a result can not scan for viruses. We get the following error when we try to launch a scan : Immunet cannot connect to internet.


Can anyone help please ?



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Hello msf, versions of Immunet older than the 3.0.6 build does not have automatic proxy service detection included. If you're using a newer version than that might I suggest you check to see if Immunet has unrestricted inbound & outgoing access to these ports (through your firewall and/or other security software) for Immunet to detect your proxy service correctly.


32137 UDP or 53 for cloud queries.
80 TCP for product updates.


Cheers, Ritchie...


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Something worth mentioning. If you have a hardware based firewall, like most newer routers and some modems have, don't forget to add some custom rule-sets for those ports as well as your software based firewall, if you have both that is.

Normally one wouldn't want to run two software firewalls of course, as that can cause "serious" unexpected behavior and loss of system performance, but it is possible to run both a hardware & software based firewall together without significant performance degredation & maintaining system stability. Just thought I'd mention that.


Regards, Ritchie...

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