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Windows 2012 Server Install


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Hi ianianian, since Immunet uses a bootstrapper installer it does require an active internet connection to download the necessary instal files. If you're hiding behind a proxy service then I can see where that may cause problems connecting to the proper servers. Using a bootstrapper installer insures that you get the newest version comparied to using a off-line installer where you may get "who knows what" version. So there are advantages to using this method of installation. Although Immunet does not "officially" support Server 2012 it's not to say you may not find any functionality. My advise would be to turn off your proxy service prior to running Immunet's installer. After installiation these ports need inbound and outbound access for Immunet to work properly through your firewall & proxy service:


32137 UDP for cloud queries, 53 UDP for cloud queries and 80 TCP for updates.


There is another option at your disposal, that is using FireAMP Connector, which is basically Immunet's enterprise version which may better suit your needs, especially if you're dealing with multiple endpoints. More info can be found about FireAMP Connector at this link. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/security/sourcefire-fireamp-endpoints/118610-configure-fireamp-00.html

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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