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Immunet hard disk activity too high - makes computer unusable

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Very often I have to stop the Immunet service on Windows 10 because the disk activity is so high that nothing else can run on C drive where OS resides. Is there some way to get it to stop hitting the drive with continuous requests that block other programs from doing anything. Browser and other programs become slow or unresponsive and the computer is unusable. Stopping the Immunet process makes everything start working just fine again. C drive is a new 2 TB Seagate with 7200 RPM. This has been going on for a long time.

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Hi Galt,

Like Ritchie said I would turn off ClamAV and blocking mode. I've noticed with them off that they want to scan any file changes and most browsers write a lot of temp files and it can slow things down scanning them. Something else I like to ask is how old is the Seagate drive? I have used Seagate for many years and if are old or don't have a lot of HDD cache Clam really slows them down. I have a server that has Seagate ironwolf drives and if I run Clam "not immunet but ClamAV from the open source community" on it they become very slow.  I would turn off Clam and blocking mode and keep the cloud engines going. Let me know if that works for you.

Stay safe:)

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You're right there Scats. I like to keep Immunet from using up to much system resources by not using the ClamAV module but 'always' keep the ETHOS & SPERO cloud engines enabled though. If the cloud engines are also disabled you would have very little protection at all! 

I also keep Blocking Mode disabled as that can significantly reduce disk I/O activity. This is especially true when installing new software. 

For myself Immunet is just another layer in my anti-malware arsenal so I don't want it using up too much system resources.

Best wishes, Ritchie... 

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