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File and Quaratine Histoy cleaning


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Hi Crossfire,
Thanks for your interest in Immunet.

To my knowledge there is no 'safe way' to manually delete these files or limit how much disk space is used for them, except...

If you do a clean uninstall & reinstall of Immunet these files are deleted during the uninstall process. By a clean uninstall I mean when the uninstaller asks if you plan to reinstall Immunet again you select the 'NO' option.

If you do that though you will have to reconfigure your settings, re-add any custom exclusions you were using & add any scheduled scan(s) you had created.

That would be a bit of a pain if you did that on a regular basis I think.

Obviously we don't recommend users muck about with the registry keys or attempt to delete these .db files as that could lead to undesirable or unexpected results.

Regards, Ritchie...  

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Hi Ritchie,
                    many thanks for your detailed explanations. Sorry about my delayed answer.
The history and quarantine db's should be limited for a certain number of entries to avoid they take more and more space on the local disk. This may be a request for further releases 🤤
Best regards, Rolf



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Hello Rolf,

Keep in mind that these files do have a finite limit as to how much disk space is utilized. What that limitation is, that's something an admin or dev would have to answer as I'm not sure what that is to be honest with you.

You do have the option to start a new topic in the 'Ideas' section of the forum regarding this subject matter. That's something you might want to consider Rolf, it wouldn't hurt any.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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Oh, by the way there seems to be a new 7.5.8 build of Immunet available. I just got that pushed to me through the UI. Update went smoothly, no reboot was necessary.

If the update isn't being pushed to you through the UI here's a link to download & install the newest build via the boot-strapper installer. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe

Why there currently isn't a new topic in the Announcements section regarding this update is a bit of a mystery to me though! Usually a new topic is posted at the same time the build is starting to be pushed to users. Mmm.

I'd like to read the change logs for this new build if anything.

I think I'll post a new topic in this section informing users of the update.

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