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Condolences To The Families Of The Paris Attack


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The Immunet team would like to give our deepest condolences to all the families that has an injured member or lost a loved one because of the heinous attack on the city of Paris.


Since the American revolutionary war in which Marquis de Lafayette and the French people helped win our independence from Great Britain, America and France have been the best of allies since then and will continue to do so. In fact our own form of democracy is directly modeled after the French political system. "We have not forgotten what France did for us and we Americans will stand by one of our greatest allies during this tumultuous turn of events!"

"Viva La France!"






Best of wishes, Ritchie...

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Couldn't have said it better myself Ritchie!

Through out history there have been mad men and despots that used religion or politics for their own twisted, psychotic desire for power and subjugation. But in the end evil never prevails. One just has to browse through the history books to know this is true.


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