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Which Immunet files to exclude


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Hi luckyboy & welcome to the Immunet forum,

I did a little research on McAfee Antivirus & you're right, with newer versions it's not possible to exclude an entire folder! Some users are not happy at all that McAfee has eliminated that option!

My advice would be to open Immunet's Program Files folder (Windows (C:)\Program Files\Immunet\ & exclude the listings for 'all' the files associated with an Application. These are: AMPCLI, Connectivity Tool, creport, cscm, ipsupporttool, iptray, sfc, uninstaller, updater.

If you're using the ClamAV module also exclude the Applications from the clamav folder as well (Windows(C:)\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\ These are: freshclam, freshclamwrap.

Actually, it's recommended that you turn off the ClamAV module & updates for it if you have Immunet paired as a companion AV to another AV product, just use the ETHOS & SPERO cloud engines. That arrangement uses up less system resources. Of course it's up to you if you want to use the Clam AV module for some added security or not.

I can't remember if there's a default exclusion for McAfee with Immunet since I deleted all the default exclusions for the apps I don't use but if there's not one present also exclude 'McAfee's entire Program Files folder' with Immunet. Don't worry you can exclude entire folders with Immunet. That does help at avoiding conflicts between the AV's

If you're not sure how to exclude a folder with Immunet let me know with an added thread to this topic & I can give you detailed instructions on how to accomplish that.

Best Wishes, Ritchie...

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