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A New Immunet Competitor


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Hello Stelica, except for some minor bug fix releases I agree that new major updates to Immunet have been rather non-existent this year. Although I think the developers will eventually release a new 4.0 version of Immunet hopefully sometime in the coming new year. Perhaps it could be as late as sometime after June when all the Plus licenses have expired. This new version will include a new interface and (I've been told) should include some (or maybe all!) features that were only available to the now unavailable Plus (paid) version.


Comodo Antivirus is not something new, it's been around for some time. I have used Comodo's Firewall, Autosandbox & Defense+ (HIPS) features for years but opted not to use the antivirus module as I already use Panda's cloud based AV along with Immunet as an added security layer. Which, btw, was the "first two cloud based AV's in existence" at that time when I first started using them together. Of course many other AV vendors have since followed suit. That is, making their AV's cloud based in one form or another instead of just using new definition signatures downloaded and installed on the HDD.


Cheers, Ritchie...

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Hello Ritchie and happy new year!

It is not old Comodo Antivirus. it is a new cloud-based antivirus which has two main components: antivirus and sandbox. It is still in beta. I've tested and the only thing I did not like was the fact that Firefox started harder. But they promise to solve the problems and final edition will be on January 12.
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Happy New Year to you too Stelica! It's like I said in the previous thread, they're just now following the crowd converting their AV to a cloud based solution instead of relying on a traditional signature based AV. What I meant was Comodo has had an AV on the market for years as you're probably aware of. They're just now getting on the Cloud bandwagon so to speak. Good for them! I like the additional sandbox feature. That's saved my bacon on a few occasions with the firewall auto-sandbox feature enabled. Let me know how the beta testing goes! You got my curiosity up, lol!

With Firefox I use an Exclusion with Immunet that keeps the temporary cache files in the Profiles folder from being scanned while their being created. This does help speed up the browser a bit! Can you add an exclusion/exception rule with the beta build to see if that helps? The file path for my Win 7 x64 machine is: C:\Users|AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles To show these files, if your not using Win 7, you have to go to Folder Options and click on the View tab and select Show hidden files, folders and drives. The file path should look similar. Just don't forget to hide these files/folders again with Folder Options afterward as that is a Windows security feature.


I've done alpha/beta testing for a number of company's over the years myself. With Panda Cloud's first closed alpha testing (not open to the public) I originally used a "Virtual Machine" (the paid software I was using created a mirror image of your Operating System which is used during testing instead of putting your actual OS in harm's way) since it was "the very first cloud AV on the planet" and the developers, at that time, were not sure how many bugs would rear their ugly heads and need to be ironed out. Thus they did highly recommend using a VM for closed alpha testing just in case something catastrophic happened to the Operating System.  Are you using a VM for testing too or your actual Operating System?


If you are interested in using VM software for your testing Oracle has an open sourced VM package that works adequately for freeware and will support a number of system platforms. It's called VirtualBox 5.0. VirtualBox works a little differently then mirroring the OS. It will install Ubantu's Linux as your Virtual Machine OS. It takes some tinkering to get the best out of the software but it might prove to be worth the time & effort. One crucial consideration is to make sure you have enough Hard Disk Drive space to accommodate the additional Operating System.


Of course paid VM software packages will have more feature/customization options, a little quicker response times but are generally geared more toward the technically savvy IT professional. 

More info here from PC Magazine. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2368593,00.asp

You can download VirtualBox 5.0 here. https://www.virtualbox.org/

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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