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please fix the "top level" bugs in the GUI of this product

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This product was unofficially recommended to me by the US Government, however I am very disappointed that the front page GUI has many bugs. It says "Not Updated" even though it is updated, and it says "Last Scanned; Never" even though it has scanned my computer many times, and I have weekly auto scan set. Can you please fix these and let me know? I expect more out of Cisco, who apparently owns this product. Please email me to confirm you are working on fixing these bugs, along the way, and again after you fix them. Thanks!

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Hello Andrew.

In order for Immunet's UI to function correctly it does require that the Windows processes that the software uses has both, unencumbered, incoming & outgoing access to the internet.

This can sometimes be an issue with ones' firewall or other installed security app(s). You may have to create allow/exception/exclusion rules for the required processes with your current security software. You could look into that to see if that corrects the issue.

Here are the Windows executable applications & file paths that require internet access:
 iptray.exe - Windows (C:)\Program Files\Immunet\\iptray
sfc.exe - Windows (C:)\Program Files\Immunet\\sfc
cscm.exe - Windows (C:)\Program Files\Immunet\\cscm
freshclam.exe (if the ClamAV module is enabled) - Windows (C:)\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\\freshclam

Regards, Ritchie...

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