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Can't See Screens On Uhd/4K Screen Due To Dpi


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The screen resolution on my monitor is 3840x2180 or something really high.  Occasionally I'll run across a program that doesn't recognize or respect my DPI and it will render everything so tiny I can't read anything.  In Immunet's case, all of the menu items overlap.



I can't seem to give myself permission to put a new file in the immunet directory so I can force windows to render the menus correctly for this high def screen.  There is a "xxxxx.exe.manifest" file I can put in the directory of programs that I can't see on my screen...


I've tried changing permissions and owner of the immunet directory but cannot apparently do it.  This is my own machine and my account is an admin account.


I've uploaded a pic of what I'm dealing with http://imgur.com/CnEO7R8

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Hello werk, Immunet is not open sourced. You can't inject your own scripts into the code and expect it to work. So what you're attempting is not possible. Have you thought about using a third-party screen resolution changer? That way you could adjust the resolution to access and use Immunet's UI and then just revert back to your usual settings afterwards without having to use Windows.


SoftTech InterCorp has a free app called Resolution Changer SX2 that does just that and it gets good reviews from users. Here's the developer's description:

Resolution Changer SX2 allows you dynamically switch your screen resolution with an easy and accessible system tray utility, without the incessant hassle of windows and prompts. Resolution Changer SX2 makes switching between monitors and resolutions as simple as possible. With just a click, select one of the four customizable resolution presets, or use the expanded menu of more than 40 settings. No more windows. No more annoying prompts. Simple, dynamic, clear, efficient utility; it's all you need to get the settings you want.

You can download Resolution Changer SX2 from CNET here: http://download.cnet.com/Resolution-Changer-SX2/3000-2094_4-10468528.html

This app has been around for a few years so if you use Windows 8 or 8.1 I'm not sure if it would be compatible with these platforms however.

Best wishes, Ritchie...
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Yes I know this is old but the issue still exists.


wrek was not trying to inject scripts. Manifest files are used by Windows to modify some behaviors of EXE files. In this case changing a value in the registry and dropping the .manifest file next to the misbehaving exe should resolve failure of the Immunet GUI to scale properly.


I'm not sure what his permissions issue was since I had no trouble adding the manifest. Unfortunately it didn't work.


It would be nice if either Immunet were to scale properly natively or at least respect the commands in the manifest file.


Changing resolution to adjust settings is an answer I would expect from some guy in his garage.  :rolleyes:


Update: So... I have a SurfaceBook and changing the resolution does not resolve the scaling problem.

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I actually uninstalled this POS and never saw the replies above until JerichoJones replied.

I also giggled at the "changing resolution" solution but I would expect the global forum mod to check with a developer before making ludicrous statements about the manifest file. 


injecting scripts... lol wow.  Never would I use this product.

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