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Hi Ellis & welcome to the Immunet forum.

To your question the answer is yes! Immunet will automatically search for new build updates & inform you if there is a new version to install.

Usually a new build is pushed to users through the UI so there's normally no need to download & run an installer package to update.

If you have the ClamAV module enabled and have 'Allow Definition Updates' enabled in Settings Immunet will update ClamAV's malware definition signatures automatically.

Immunet will also automatically send data to the ETHOS & SPERO cloud detection engines if it encounters unknown or suspicious files on your device to be examined for arbitrary code. 

Of course, you do have the option to search for new updates manually at anytime by simply opening the UI & clicking on the 'Update Now' tab too.

On a different note, if you post a new topic in the future it would be much appreciated if you type in a concise topic header related to the subject matter you're interested in instead of just using your name.  

Best wishes, Ritchie...


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