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I Cant Recommend Immunet Free To Our Friend And Family.


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because of it has'nt  ability for set pasword on setting.

each person if can acces their system can install one of the many keyloger that was in many site and exclused it in from immunet av.

other free av like comodo ,panda ,avira ,avast, adawre have setting pasword ability.

and because of this reason i cant recomend immunet   their.

but i use immunet for my system.


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Although Immunet can be used in an enterprise environment, where you necessarily wouldn't want employees changing the settings, it primarily was designed as an AV solution for individual home use where protecting the settings with a password is not of critical importance.


Don't forget that you can use a Windows Guest account instead of the Administrator account when someone else uses the same computer. A Guest account is restricted to what system and software setting changes can permanently take place. If you change accounts with the computer you will have to do a restart or use TaskManager and kill iptray.exe for the account that's no longer being used since Immunet doesn't support Fast User Switching.


FireAMP Connector (Immunet's more robust enterprise version, now called Cisco Advanced Malware Protection), on the other hand, uses a web console where you must access this internet site to make any changes to the settings since it's meant to be used in a multiple endpoint environment. FireAMP Connector can be used for individual home use as well but it's not free like Immunet. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/security/fireamp-endpoints/index.html

Regards, Ritchie...

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