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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips!


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Hello everyone,

With the holiday shopping season in full swing here are some safety tips that will help you from becoming a victim of hackers, scammers, thieves & online cybercriminals. Actually, just using some basic common sense can go a long way at keeping you safe! 

Online Shopping:

The first tip is to make sure your device's Operating System is up to date with the newest fixes & security patches. Also, make sure that you use a good Antivirus program that's up to date with the latest malware definitions & run a scan before doing online shopping.

Check your browser's security/privacy settings to make sure you're using the best possible settings for your device.

If you use a VPN service always use that for any online shopping or banking as that's much more secure. Don't use a public Wi-Fi location while shopping. 

Always use trusted, well known retailers! Make sure the site you're on is legitimate by looking for the HTTPS: security protocols header and there is no spelling mistakes with the sites' name. Scammers sometimes use bogus, lookalike web sites to try and fool you.

Use a different complex password for each site you log into. If the site uses a two step verification process always use that feature for added security.

Consider using a credit card instead of a bank debit card when it's time to pay for your online purchases. If something does go wrong it's easier to possibly get your money back from a credit card vendor.

If you receive any unsolicited texts or emails for bargains treat those with a great deal of suspicion, even if it looks like it came from a retail site you're familiar with. Don't click on any attachments or links included with the text or email. If you're not sure the bargain is legitimate go directly to the retail site instead.  

If a bargain seems too good to be true it most likely is! That's where a little common sense can really go a long way at avoiding becoming a victim.

In Person Shopping:

It's never a bad idea to support your local retailers whenever possible but don't let your wallet or purse be an easy target for thieves.

Use a purse that has zip closures and a shoulder strap & keep it close to you. Don't leave your purse unattended or lying in a shopping cart. For men, don't put your wallet in your back pocket, instead use a front pocket as that makes it much harder for a pickpocket to get it.  

Consider using just one credit or debit card while in person shopping & not use cash. If your card is lost or stolen it's easier to cancel just one card. If your cash is stolen by thieves it's usually nearly impossible to get any of that back! 

Once you're done shopping use your vehicles' trunk instead of tossing the items onto the back seat. If you must use your back seat cover the items with a blanket to conceal them. This is important if you plan to stop at more than one store during your shopping trip

Always park in a well lit area of the store's parking lot & always be vigilant of your current surroundings. 

Best wishes, Ritchie...


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