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Listed By Clamav, Clean In Immunet?

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I'm from the TrayRadio.com team, we create a small Radio Stream player for Windows.

Our main excecutable is marked as: Win.Trojan.Autoit-2099 in the ClamAV database. ( According to: Virustotal, virscan.org, and all other online scanners). I've tried to submit the false positive to ClamAV but without any response or action whatsoever... So I downloaded Immunet for Windows, scanned the file and it came out clean?? How is that possible?


You can download our software for free trough TrayRadio.com ,


Can you please help me?


Kind Regards,



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Hello, Immunet's ClamAV module and the ClamAV antivirus app do share the same definition signatures. My extrapolation would be that the file in question was analyzed by the ClamAV team and deemed safe after the file was flagged as malicious. New potential malware detections are analyzed to determine if it's a FP or genuine malware and then the appropriate action is then taken. This can take up to 24 hours for this process, usually a lot less than that though.

Cheers, Ritchie...


P.S. - Best of luck with your new streaming service!

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