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Where Is The Eula?

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I am unable to find a copy of the EULA for Immunet 3, even though I must read and agree to the EULA in order to install the program.


Clicking on the "Immunet 3 End User License Agreement" link in the Immunet 3 installer program takes me to the main website (http://www.immunet.com/) which does not contain the EULA.


I have attached a screenshot of the installation step in question:



(The Privacy Policy link in the installer is likewise broken.)

(I am running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SP1.)


A general internet search turns up the http://www.immunet.com/eula/index.html link, which also just leads to the main website.


Searching for "EULA" in this forum turned did not turn up anything relevant.


Where might I find the EULA so that I can meet the requirements to install this product?

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Wow! No other user nor I have ever thought of that until Hydraxan14 brought up this topic. I couldn't find a copy of the EULA either or I would have posted it.


I think it really would be a "great idea" if a copy of the EULA was added as a new Category to this forum, perhaps an additional locked subforum to the Immunet Information section. That would be an excellent place for it! Another option would be to just add a new topic to the FAQ or Support Documentation Category.

That way an end user can review, prior to or after installation, the End User License Agreement at their leisure.

Could an Admin. look into this addition since I can't do it?



Regards, Ritchie...

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