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Why Win Alert Antispy And Anti Pup Isnt Insatll.


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Hi adrin,


From what I understand, Immunet is only considered as Anti-Malware/Virus in the Windows Security Center. Although we do make detections for some kinds of spyware, it is not considered as anti-spyware which is why you're seeing that alert.

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Hi guys, Immunet Free will detect & quarantine many known forms of spyware actually. However, Immunet Free can not detect rootkits which can be used as a spyware tool.

For instance, a rootkit can be used to record keystrokes (keylogger) to steal log in data, passwords, etc... Immunet Plus or FireAMP Connector users with the Tetra module enabled can detect these rootkits.


That's why I've always recommended that Immunet Free users download and use a good third-party rootkit scanner like Kaspersky Lab's TDSSKiller. http://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/tdsskiller


If you use TDSSKiller make sure to create an Exclusion with Immunet. I would just download the .exe file to My Desktop and then create a generic exclusion with Immunet for that file path is the easiest way to go. Otherwise you may get a quarantine response from Immunet when you launch the executable.  After adding the exclusion just click on the executable on your desktop and this should launch the TDSSKiller UI and make the program usable.


What's great about this anti-rootkit utility is that it's packaged as a simple executable so it uses up very little HDD space when downloaded and it's claimed by the developers that it can detect all known rootkits in the wild. The scanning engine is quite fast too, another plus...

You may get an alert from your firewall when the program looks for recent updates. TDSSKiller is updated quite regularly as a matter of fact, which is cool. Oh, it's freeware too! Even if you think you don't need it it's still not a bad additional scanning engine to have included in your anti-malware arsenal.


Cheers, Ritchie...

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