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I have used Panda & Immunet together for years and speaking from experience it hasn't always been a smooth relationship.

Especially when it comes to an original install or updating Panda to a new version. Immunet will almost always quarantine the RarSFX files needed to install/update the Panda AV program.


Completely closing Immunet before installing/updating Panda will solve this problem but sometimes Panda will automatically push updates to users so you don't always get that chance beforehand.

Of course it's always best to exclude both Immunet's and Panda's Program Files folder in their respective Exclusion List just to help avoid conflicts.

Regards, Ritchie...

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Hi adrin,


From what i've heard from the team, they're going to be keeping the toolbar considered as a malicious file for now. Reason being that it looks to be Adware/PUA (potentially unwanted application).


If you would like to continue using the toolbar, you can always add it to the exclusions so that it is ignored by Immunet. As per ritchie's suggestion, adding the entire Panda program folder to the exclusion list may not be a bad idea.

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