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Viruses on my windows, clamav finds but no remove


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Hi guys,


                     Im hoping you could help me, for 3 years ive had some viruses on my pc, it survives a windows reinstall, it survives the drives being wiped in linux. Within windows the av finds nothing, but if I run ClamAV in linux it finds like 50 potential threats. If I try to delete it jus greys the option but under action remains empty. Theres also 4 ransomware files (msedge) which it can not do anything with. Im not pc savvy, just a noob who enjoys playing games but this has ruined my life. Ive tryed to install RKHunter but thats beyond me and all ive managed to do is download the file. I was really hoping one of you would be kind enough to take the time and help me with this. Ive just reinstalled windows and ubuntu, ubuntu is clean but windows upon installation is flooded. All my apps are at 8kb in size amongst many other things such as the firewall having many rules which should not be there.

Does anyone have any idea how I can clean my pc, any idea how the viruses are surviving the installs? I thankyou for any help given

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I've just loaded into windows, installed immunet and it found one threat so I thought I'd try safe mode but it says the service can not be started in safe mode. Malwarebytes finds nothing and windows security just gives me a blank page in safe mode. This is a nightmare. Why do none of these anti viruses work??

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Hi Boats,

Sorry to hear you're encountering such difficulties!

What is the Microsoft Windows Operating System you're currently using? Win 10, 11 or something older?

I would like to mention Immunet is not compatible with Linux Ubuntu Operating Systems, only Microsoft Windows, so you must have used just the ClamAV source code for the Linux scan, is that correct?

Have you done an "entire scan" with Immunet of the drive that has your Windows OS installed (usually that's the (C:)\ drive on most computers)? 

Also, what Settings are you using with Immunet?

This extra info could prove to be helpful.
Regards, Ritchie...

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Hello again Boats,

I would still highly recommend you perform an entire scan of your C:\ drive with Immunet as soon as possible.

Here are the Settings I would suggest you use for the scan. 

"Always keep the ETHOS & SPERO cloud detection engines enabled" if you're running a scan or not.

Enable the ClamAV module & updates for it. Then look for any new ClamAV malware definitions by clicking on the Update Now tab on the UI before starting the scan.

In Settings, scroll down to 'Scan Settings' & click on that tab -> under File Type enable both 'Scan Archive Files & 'Scan Packed Files'. 
Most malware does get installed as a compressed file so this will look for any malicious compressed files with your Operating System.

If after running a scan of your C:\ drive with Immunet & things still don't look like everything is ok don't give up hope yet! There are still some things you can try such as using Emsisoft Emergency Kit as one instance.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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