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New Immunet Release - Beta Preview


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Hi All,


We are happy to announce a beta preview of the upcoming update to Immunet Protect. The beta preview version will be As this is a beta preview, we will not be automatically upgrade current installs of Immunet Protect.


You can download the installer for this new version of Immunet Protect here: https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup-5.0.0-beta.exe


If you would like to try out the beta preview and already have Immunet Protect installed, you can simply run the new installer and it will upgrade your current installation.


Since this is a beta preview, please be aware there may be some issues with it. If you do encounter problems with the new version of Immunet Protect, please let us know either here on the forums at http://support.immunet.com, or via email at support@immunet.com.


Thank you for your continued support!


The Immunet Protect Team

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Hi Eugene, that's some great news! The new version is publicly being beta tested! Cool!


Something that perhaps should be addressed though. As with any beta software testing program unforeseen issues can crop up. If you're not technically savvy in OS troubleshooting & diagnostic investigation this beta program may not be for you. I'm not trying to scare anyone. Just make sure you have the technical know how before entering into any beta program.

Another consideration, not a bad idea to create a "System Restore Point" before installing the beta just in case. I've done alpha, beta testing for a number of products over the years and always made that a priority if I wasn't using a dedicated VM test machine.

That is a nice touch that the beta will install over the current version without the need to do an uninstall first, sweet!

Cheers, Ritchie...

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HI guys, the TETRA module was only available to the Plus (paid) users. There was talk of possibly adding TETRA to the next build but apparently it was decided to not use that engine. At least for this beta version anyway.

LimboSlam, I highly doubt that this beta is compatible with Win 10 since the current build only supports Win 7, Vista & XP. If I'm wrong perhaps Eugene or someone else can correct me on that. With Microsoft practically forcing people to upgrade to Win 10 I think a future build that supports this OS would be the logical thing to do! That's my opinion anyway for what it's worth.


I agree with you thanhtai an informative change log would be a good thing!


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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Well, that's an eye opener! Immunet Free has always been just that, free to use in any environment. Be it for home, business or higher educational use. It may be that Cisco wants folks that need a security app for an enterprise environment (numerous end-points) to use FireAMP Connector (Immunet's enterprise version) instead. That would be my extrapolation robhagopian.

FireAMP Connector "REALLY" does provide a much more robust security solution than Immunet for a multiple end-point infrastructure (it can be used for individual home use too, as is the case for me!). Besides, Immunet Free no longer supports server platforms. Immunet was problematic at best when doing a batch install in a server environment since you would have to write your own install scripts. Plus there was a "Name Resolution" bug that never seemed to get properly resolved.


Since I'm currently using FireAMP Connector myself that's the woeful ignorance on my part when it comes to this beta since I'm not currently testing it.
Actually this is the first time I haven't tested a new beta version since becoming a user of Immunet Protect years ago. I guess I'm kinda happy with what I got installed.


Regards, Ritchie...

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