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Is Immunet still updated and supported?


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Hi jmonium,

To your question the answer is yes. Immunet is still supported (on a limited basis compared to years past) & there are new builds publicly rolled out from time to time.

You are correct though, this site doesn't nearly get the internet traffic it once did because of a lack of technical support in the recent past I think. This has caused Immunet's user base to diminish would be my extrapolation.

That is unfortunate as I still believe Immunet could have been a major player in the AV marketplace if it just would have received the proper funding & development over the years!

I try to fill in as a support person whenever possible but it must be that Cisco doesn't provide the funding to pay enough dedicated employees to properly oversee the site anymore.  

For the long term future of Immunet? That's anyone's guess & that's the regrettable bottom line the way I see it.

Regards, Ritchie...

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