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Immunetsetup 5.x Offline Install


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thank you for links!

but is there any possible way to install those silently/unattended?
cmd switch "installer-....exe /S" ain't working (at least for me) :(
nor "installer-....exe /?" for any help or is there .msi availabe somewhere?


maybe it is allready answered somewhere and i didn't find it :(
I have spent lots of hours for now to figure out silent install method, reading log files, combining cmd switches etc


thanks in advance!

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Hi rypsick, it sounds like you would like to install Immunet 5.0 on a multiple endpoint network. I would like to point out that Support will not provide any technical help if it's discovered that Immunet 5.0 is being used in a business environment. If it's just a networked home setup that's fine but Immunet is not free for businesses any longer unfortunately. I'm sure Cisco took this measure to promote and encourage the use of Immunet's enterprise version called AMP for Endpoints (or FireAMP Connector) instead.  

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