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Why Immunet Plus Discontinued?


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Actually there still is a paid version of Immunet, sort of. It's been re-branded and transformed into the enterprise version of Immunet which is called FireAMP Connector (also called CiscoAMP for End-points) [AMP stands for Advanced Malware Protection]. That's what I'm currently using. It is designed as a security solution for multiple end-point business/educational environments but it can be used for individual home use too as is my case. As with Immunet Plus, FireAMP Connector has the TETRA module that uses a highly customized, advanced version of Bitdefender's detection engine.

I would encourage anyone who used and liked Immunet Plus to at least give FireAMP Connector a look! http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/security/fireamp-endpoints/index.html

FireAMP does require a bit of technical savvy to get the most out of the software compared to Immunet Plus. It uses a web console (you have to log into the console to configure or make changes to the settings) instead of the traditional User Interface which is explained in the above link. This is so unauthorized personal cannot make changes to the settings which is a great security feature if you think about it actually! There definitely was a bit of a learning curve for me!

So to answer your question, the decision was made that the Sourcefire development team would use it's resources to make ready, roll-out and further develop FireAMP Connector instead of using up time, money & resources maintaining/updating Immunet Plus.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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