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How I Will Know Which Engine Immunet Is Using?


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I read somewhere that when offline, Immunet uses ClamAV engine.


But when connected to internet, which engine Immunet uses?


I downloaded the latest version of Immunet available on the site yesterday.


When I perform full system scan when I am connected to internet, which engine it is using?


How I can know which engines it is using simultaneously?

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If you have ClamAV enabled then all three detection engines are being used during a scan if you're connected to the internet. Like you pointed out, the ClamAV engine, with the most recent updated definition signatures, would only be used during a scan if an active internet connection is not available. Then it depends on which detection engine catches the malware first as to what the detection name for the malware will be. For instance: if the SPERO cloud engine caught the malware first the detection name would be something like this, W32.spero.xxxx.


Even if you don't use the ClamAV module it's very important to keep the cloud engines always enabled (ETHOS & SPERO).

Regards, Ritchie...

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