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Windows 8 Freezes At Login With Immunet 5.0.2 On Startup.


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Hi mag00, do you have the built in Windows anti-virus program Defender turned on? Normally when you install another AV product that should automatically turn off Defender but give that a look and turn it off if it's still being used. Then re-boot and see if Immunet launches normally. Also check your firewall and make sure that it's not blocking Immunet's processes or internet access. The processes are iptray.exe & sfc.exe.

Something else I should mention, Immunet does not support Fast User Switching. If another person wants to use a different account on the same PC a re-boot is necessary for Immunet to function properly.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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Hi Ritchie.


I noticed that the problem is with Immunet Service (sfc.exe). If it is enabled, the system freezes just after I type my user password.


No Windows Defender enabled and no blocks on Windows Firewall either.


And I am not trying to switch user account too.


I had removed the Immunet from PC and reinstalled it two times, and after installation it works fine, but after reboot, the system freezes again.


Now I returned back to ClamAV (ClamWin) to have some protection until this issue be solved.


Any other ideas or test/logs that I can do/provide to track the issue?



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